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designate adj : appointed but not yet installed in office [syn: designate(ip)]


1 assign a name or title to [syn: denominate]
2 give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person) [syn: delegate, depute, assign]
3 decree or designate beforehand; "She was destined to become a great pianist" [syn: destine, fate, doom]
4 design or destine; "She was intended to become the director" [syn: intend, destine, specify]

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designatus, past participle of designare


  • italbrac adjective /ˈdɛzɪg.nət/ or /ˈdɛzɪg.neɪt/
  • italbrac verb /ˈdɛzɪg.neɪt/


  1. Designated; appointed; chosen.


  1. To mark out and make known; to point out; to name; to indicate; to show; to distinguish by marks or description; to specify; as, to designate the boundaries of a country; to designate the rioters who are to be arrested.
  2. To call by a distinctive title; to name.
  3. To indicate or set apart for a purpose or duty; -- with to or for; to designate an officer for or to the command of a post or station.

Derived terms


To mark out and make known; to point out; to name; to indicate
  • Finnish: nimittää, valita
  • German: bestimmen, kennzeichnen, markieren, benennen, designieren, signieren
To call by a distinctive title; to name
  • Czech: označit
  • Finnish: nimittää
  • German: designieren, nominieren, nennen
To indicate or set apart for a purpose or duty
  • Finnish: nimittää
  • German: vorsehen, bestimmen, ausersehen, designieren
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  1. Feminine plural of designato

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expert-subject Colombia
Under the Colombian Constitution of 1886 the Designate was a person--a member of the Senate or member of the Cabinet--selected to act as President when the incumbent was dead, ill or otherwise unable to discharge the duties of office.
The Designate was elected by the Senate at the beginning of each Legislature (in Colombian law, a "Legislature" is approximately equivalent to a session of the United States Congress: i.e. it is the one-year period that a Congress sits for, rather than the whole Congress itself). The Designate could be indefinitely reelected during only one Presidency.
The concept of the Designate survived until the Colombian Constitution of 1991, when the office of Vice President reappeared.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

advert to, allocate, allot, allude to, appoint, apportion, appropriate, assign, baptize, be taken as, call, choose, christen, define, delegate, delineate, denominate, denote, depute, determine, dictate, dub, earmark, elect, emblematize, entitle, figure, finger, fix, identify, indicate, label, make, mark, mean, mention, mete out, name, name for office, nickname, nominate, opt, ordain, ordinate, particularize, pick, pick out, pin down, pinpoint, point at, point out, point to, propose, put down, put up, refer to, represent, reserve, run, run for office, select, set, set forth, signify, single, specialize, specify, stand for, state, stigmatize, stipulate, style, submit, symbol, symbolize, tab, tag, tap, term, title, typify, write down
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